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Created on 2011-07-28 01:20:54 (#937200), last updated 2011-07-28 (321 weeks ago)

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Name:shit let's be benders
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Community description:Open panfandom Avatar:TLA Musebox
Ever wonder what it'd be like if your favorite muse was a bender? What if they were AU-ified away into the world of Avatar to stay?

Wonder no more! Musebending is an open musebox set in the Avatar-verse. Be it the original series or Legend of Korra, anything goes here as long as it's related to Avatar and roleplay! Any characters from any series are welcome, as well as OCs as long as they are properly adapted to the setting/technology level (nonhuman characters such as trolls and elves can be turned into humans in this setting for universe consistency, animal characters can probably stay the same within reason*). Don't want your character to be a bender? That's fine, plenty of non-benders in the world out there! If need be, a more detailed setting description and guidelines can be written, but for now I'm going to assume everyone knows what the deal is here. XD

All I ask is that you have fun and use common sense!

Need to brush up on the Avatar world? Avatar Wiki for your convenience! :D
*Dug from 'Up' would probably have an easier time jiving with the setting than, say, a xenomorph for example.

Your mod is [personal profile] waterlogged, contact me if there are any questions!
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